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The Zeff Law Firm protects your personal freedoms. Even local governments today have grown so powerful that many people feel they cannot fight city hall. Whether you have a major problem with the federal government, a city, town, university, college, or your local school board; as a member of law enforcement or with a member of law enforcement, our employment lawyers in PA have the experience and tenacity to fight for your rights and to defend your freedom. Employment law is a complex area of law. Large employers invest heavily in their legal teams to fight claims made by their employees. It is important to have someone on your side that has knowledge of the complicated aspects of employment law. Our Employment Attorney in Mt Laurel brings over 30 years of experience in the field of employment law and civil rights. Whether it is discrimination or harassment in the workplace or an employer retaliating against an employee blowing the whistle on unethical behavior, Zeff Law Firm can help you with your employment problems.
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Your job is one of the most important and personal aspects of your life. In many respects, your job defines who you are. You depend on your job to maintain your livelihood and support your family. That is why when your job is threatened or your workplace environment made unbearable, it is important to find labor lawyers who can represent and protect your rights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I File a Lawsuit Against My Employer for Discrimination Even If I Still Work at the Job?

Yes. Discrimination can exist where you are denied promotions, raises, given bad reviews, or even denied certain privileges if you are in a protected class or are a whistleblower. Also, it is often unlawful for your employer to allow a hostile work environment to exist.

Can I Still Bring a Claim for Harassment If I Had a Consensual Relationship with My Employer or Supervisor?

Yes. So long as the advance by the employer or supervisor was unwelcomed by you or became unwelcome over time. If you submitted to the consensual relationship only out of fear of losing a job benefit, you may still have a case for harassment.

How Can I Prove That My Employer Is Discriminating Against Me?

There are several ways to prove discrimination. The most obvious is if employees or supervisors make discriminatory comments- such as race, sex, religion, disability or national origin. However, an employee can also prove discrimination by establishing that employees of another race, gender or other characteristic are treated more favorably at the job.

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