Settlements & Verdicts

Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.
    • Brutality Case - Police Shooting $138,000.00

      Philadelphia Police Officer Ordered To Pay $138,000.00 in Police Shooting

      The case sparked community outrage and a civil lawsuit that was filed in 2007 against the city and then-Police Commissioner by attorney Gregg Zeff on behalf of the family.

      All stories have an ending, and the case finally reached one on Oct. 15, when a federal jury ruled that the family be paid $138,000.

    • Civil Rights Disability confidential settlement

      An epileptic who was mistakenly arrested while having a seizure

    • Civil Rights Shooting confidential settlement

      A paraplegic accidentally shot by a security officer

    • Collective Bargaining Enforcement confidential settlement

      Schoolteachers who were forced to work in conditions in violation of their collective bargaining agreement

    • Disability and FMLA confidential settlement

      A manager who was fired because his wife became ill and was not permitted time off

    • Discrimination & First Amendment Violations $1,000,000.00

      African-American fire officers were victims of discrimination and First Amendment retaliation; Verdict: $1,000,000.00

    • Employment Law hired and promoted!

      A law enforcement official, wrongfully denied a position because of a false evaluation

    • Police Brutality $700,000

      A carpenter who lost the ability to use his wrists because of police misconduct

    • Pregnancy Discrimination $75,000

      A woman in pharmaceutical sales who was laid off because she was pregnant

    • Race Discrimination awarded promotion, back pay, front pay& pensions

      Hispanic firefighters denied promotion on account of their nationality and complaints about a racially hostile work environment

    • Race Discrimination $1,015,000.00

      Camden Firefighters Settle Race Discrimination Lawsuit for $1.15 million

      A formal settlement has been reached in an eight-year racial-discrimination lawsuit brought by two Camden deputy fire chiefs against the city and its fire chief. Under the agreement, our client will receive $1.15 million .

    • Racial discrimination Case won!

      Racial discrimination at steel mill

    • Racial Discrimination $600,000.00

      Latino firefighters retaliated against for speaking out about discrimination; Verdict: $600,000.

    • Racial discrimination Case won!

      Racial discrimination on University campus

    • Racial Discrimination confidential settlement

      An African-American man wrongfully arrested and convicted

    • Racial Discrimination Case won!

      Fire captain racial and First Amendment claims

    • Racial Harassment Case Won!

      African-American police officer, racial harassment at his work place.

    • Radically Hostile Work Environment confidential settlement

      Union workers, who saw nooses, swastikas and other derogatory symbols in the workplace

    • Retaliation confidential settlement

      A police officer who complained that another officer was using excessive force on citizens

    • Retaliation In Excess of $1,000,000.00

      White professors were retaliated against for speaking out against racial hiring practices; Verdict: in excess of $1,000,000.00

    • Sex, Race and Religious Harrasment $500,000

      A female professor who was harassed about her race, religion and sex

    • Sexual Assault confidential settlement

      A victim of sexual abuse by a religious organization

    • Sexual Assault and Retaliation $200,000

      A state worker who was sexually assaulted at work and then disciplined for following the harassment policy by making a complaint

    • Sexual Harassment $75,000

      A clothing store worker who was refused sexual advances and improper touching by a coworker

    • Whistle Blowing confidential settlement

      A police officer who uncovered and exposed corruption

    • Whistle-blower Act confidential settlement

      A medical doctor who blew the whistle on unnecessary procedures

    • Whistle-blower Act confidential settlement

      A university professor who spoke out against racism

    • Wrongful Termination confidential settlement

      An executive, fired for exposing improper accounting practices

    • Wrongful Termination Whistle Blowing confidential settlement

      A nurse, working for a college who was fired for reporting unsafe medical conditions