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Gregg L. Zeff began practicing civil rights law back in 1988 protecting the rights of prisoners and victims of police misconduct. Since then, his practice has turned toward protecting the rights of all people. Representative clients include, public service, such as police, firefighters, correctional officers, and other civil servants, all aspects of education, including provosts, deans, professors, principals, teachers, students, and custodians. Laborers, including, factory workers, food service workers, railroad workers, office workers. truck drivers, casino workers Professionals, including, executives, doctors, nurses, hospital workers, pharmacists, lab technicians, lawyers, engineers, computer programmers, scientists, social workers and many others. When people fall victim to wrongful employment practices such as racial discrimination, sexual discrimination, retaliation and whistleblowing activities, Zeff Law Firm is there to help.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Serving People throughout the Community

Gregg L. Zeff is the sole shareholder of the Zeff Law Firm, LLC. As a graduate of Delaware Law School of Widener University, he has earned a reputation in New Jersey as an experienced, aggressive representative who is there for his clients when they need support. When you face unlawful treatment you can trust Zeff Law Firm to help you fully understand the legal options you have available for your case.

Crafting Effective Legal Strategies

As an affiliate of numerous community groups and committees including NAACPNJ, Legal Redress Chair, State of New Jersey, NAACP, Pennsylvania, President, Social Justice Law Project, New Jersey Criminal Sentencing, and Disposition Commission Member, Gregg L. Zeff understands how to help enforce lawful behavior and protect human rights.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

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