Pandemic Asian Hate Crimes and Race Discrimination

By: Gregg Zeff
On: June 29, 2021

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The coronavirus has been devastating for everyone across the country. However, for Asian Americans, the coronavirus has not only brought about a fear of becoming extremely ill, but it has also brought about fear of becoming a victim to race discrimination and hate crimes. In this article, we discuss the rise in hate crimes against Asians, and how Zeff Law Firm can help you if you become the victim of such a crime.

What are Recent Statistics on Asian hate crimes showing?

After the murder of six women of Asian descent in Georgia, the problem of Asian hate crimes has come to national attention. Race discrimination against Asians has been on the rise recently, according to FBI data. According to the BBC, in Orange County, California, the number of reported hate crimes is estimated to be up 1200%, while Los Angeles has also seen an increase of 115%. By April of 2020, a new group called STOP AAPI HATE reported that they have received roughly 1,500 reports of discrimination or hate crimes towards Asian Americans.
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What’s Causing the Recent Increase in Asian Hate Crimes in the US?

Widespread blaming of Asians for the problems of the pandemic seems to have influenced the rise in hate crimes. Concurrent with increased instances of misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic being shared on both traditional media and social media platforms, there has been a noticeable shift in the rate of Asian hate crimes in the United States in the last year. Some politicians ignorantly labelled the Covid-19 the “China Virus” or “Wuhan Virus,” which increased people’s misconceptions about the pandemic and its origins. Officials and influencers have also erroneously suggested that cultural traditions in Asian countries are responsible for manifestation of the virus and its spread across the globe.

In addition, the subject of immigrants coming to the United States has been a hotly debated topic in the last year, especially as recent administrations have made tackling illegal immigration a focus of their policies. When combined with the idea that the pandemic was of Asian origin, this has given some people the incorrect impression that Asian-American immigrants are responsible for the pandemic, and its associated issues. Due to these false concepts being promoted through platforms like the internet and other media, many Asian-Americans have been subjected to increased race discrimination.

Does Asian Discrimination of This Type Extend to the Workplace?

The rise in race discrimination against Asian-Americans has not been limited to public places – it has been increasing in workplaces as well. Although discrimination in the workplace may be less noticeable than other forms of hate crimes, it is still serious. For instance, an employer or coworker may harbor harmful assumptions about their Asian coworkers and may commit illegal business practices against them. They may even avoid hiring any Asian candidates for no reason other than race. In fact, roughly 8% of reported Asian-American discrimination cases were due to workplace discrimination or refusal of service. Unfair and illegal behavior by an employer or their employees towards Asians in the workplace might constitute harassment and should be discussed with an attorney experienced in discrimination cases.

Does Asian Hate Manifest as Bullying Against Asian-American Children in Schools?

Unfortunately, a significant number of Asian hate crimes have occurred in the school systems. Because of the popularity of social media platforms and the internet among today’s youth, there are even more opportunities for discriminatory and harmful messages and ideas to be shared between children in the form of bullying at school. In addition, with many prominent politicians, celebrities, and influencers sharing false ideas about complicating factors (like COVID-19 and immigration) it is easier for children to see and share these false ideas. Furthermore, parents often teach their children their own false or racist ideas, which are then echoed in the form of taunts (or worse) at school.
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What Needs to Happen to Reverse the Trend of Asian Hate Crimes?

To help curb the increase in Asian hate crimes and race discrimination, there are several things that every person can do to help. According to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, politicians and high-ranking public officials need to make concerted efforts to cease using derogatory or inflammatory speech, especially that which could be considered hate speech. In addition, these public officials should promote informational campaigns and policies that would encourage education for our communities and identify discriminatory practices.

The Zeff Law Firm Represents All Victims of Race Discrimination

Despite the false notions that exist about the different Asian communities in the United States, the Zeff Law Firm recognizes the damage that racial discrimination causes and the struggles and traumas that come along with it. We represent all victims, regardless of race, religion, creed, or color of skin. If you feel you have been a victim of race discrimination, meet with our skilled team of race discrimination attorneys to help find out how we can best represent you and get justice for you.


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