Standing Up for Victims of Harassment or Hostility in New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Harassment based on a protected class such as sex, race, religion and even complaints about a protected class are still remains one of most common forms of discrimination in the workplace today. It can come in many forms, such as sexually inappropriate language, unwanted touching, misogynistic treatment, comments, lack of participation, poor evaluations, unequal treatment of an employee. Sexual harassment also exists where a man or woman is treated worse because that employee does not engage in sex or even sexual flirting with his or her supervisors or superiors.

Hostile Work Environment

A hostile work environment exists when an employer creates intolerable working conditions because of the employee’s sex, race, religion, national origin, veteran’s status, age, or in retaliation for protected activity. Every situation is different and you should consult a hostile work environment lawyer about yours. If you feel you have been the victim of harassment or a hostile work environment anywhere in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, or if you would like to ask about your rights regarding harassment and hostile work environment, please contact our offices immediately to discuss with an experienced Philadelphia hostile work environment attorney.

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Types of Unlawful Harassment

It is unlawful for an employer to allow one of its employees to be harassed or subjected to a hostile work environment. However, all harassment is not unlawful. Harassment is only against the law when a person is being harassed because of their sex, race, religion, national origin, age or disability.

Consult with an experienced hostile work environment attorney after consulting HR

The first step you should take if you are experiencing a hostile work environment is to ask the offending employee to stop immediately. In addition, you should contact management or the human resources department to report the problem. To succeed in court, you must prove that your employer knew about the hostile work environment and failed to correct the problem. If you believe you’ve been working in a hostile workplace anywhere in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, contact a Philadelphia hostile work environment attorney for a consultation. 

Dealing with a hostile work environment on a daily basis can strain your professional and personal well-being. By definition, a hostile work environment includes treatment that happens often and goes beyond the demands of an annoying boss to the extremes. Some examples of hostile behaviors toward an employee include discrimination, intimidation, offensive behavior, sexual harassment, physical abuse, and mental abuse. Additionally, this treatment must interfere with your ability to get your job done. Consult with an experienced hostile work environment attorney in Mount Laurel and Philadelphia to evaluate the merits of your case.

An experienced hostile work environment lawyer in Philadelphia or Mount Laurel can help your case

Hiring an experienced hostile work environment attorney in Philadelphia will put you in a better position to win your case. A Philadelphia hostile work environment attorney will guide you through the process of pursuing a claim, including reviewing the evidence and determining its strength. As your case proceeds, your hostile work environment lawyer will represent you in court and negotiate a settlement on your behalf. If you can prove that you experienced a hostile work environment, you may be entitled to compensatory damages. These damages typically include claims for lost wages, including back pay and benefits. Most courts prefer the reinstatement of the employee and the termination of the offending employee as a resolution to the claim. State laws may offer more protection than federal law. Contact our hostile work environment lawyers in Philadelphia and Mount Laurel at 215-694-8885 to learn more.

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