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National origin discrimination occurs when an individual is discriminated against based on the country they or their ancestors came from. At Zeff Law Firm, we represent clients in such discrimination cases. Our national origin discrimination lawyers in Philadelphia and Mt Laurel, New Jersey help clients facing discrimination to fight for their rights and protect their interests.

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Discrimination Based on National Origin

National origin is a protected category under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and state laws This means that an employer may not discriminate against an individual based on national origin when making decisions regarding hiring, firing, promotions, job assignments, and other conditions of employment.

National Origin Discrimination Includes Unfair Treatment Based On:

In addition, an employer cannot prevent an employee from wearing clothing associated with their national origin. If other employees are given latitude as to dress, an employee is permitted to wear clothing that represents his or her national origin. When there is a uniform dress code, however, an employee may not wear clothing that violates the dress code, regardless of national origin.

Language & Accent

In most situations, an individual may not be discriminated against based on language or accent. For example, an English only policy or discrimination against a person with an accent is prohibited. However, if a person’s inability to speak English without an accent affects their ability to perform a job where communication skills are required, the employer may not be in violation of the law. Get the advice of an experienced national origin discrimination attorney in Philadelphia and Mt Laurel for your unique situation.

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