Coronavirus LEGAL questions


Coronavirus Legal Topics We Can Review

Protecting your business from COVID-19 Threat  

  • Determining how you will react if you have to lay off people or if absenteeism spikes
  • Learning how to best protect yourself and your employees in the event of mass layoffs
  • Ensuring wage and hour compliance with remote employees
  • Determining lay off, part-time and shared job policies and practices
  • Protecting contractual relationships
  • How to implement flexible sick leave and supportive policies and practices
  • How to establish policies and practices for social distancing
  • Updated strategies and recommendations for small business owners
  • How to educate employees about how they may spread COVID-19

Your session can be geared towards moving your employees to a remote setup:

  • Disability accommodations for remote employees
  • Accountability and ensuring your remote employees are productive
  • Navigating the virtual water cooler: how to avoid discrimination complaints related to online employee chat forums

You can get answers to financing questions related to the Coronavirus:

  • How to apply for Small Business Administration loans – we can help!
  • How to defer loan payments
    Contracts, agreements, bills of sale that cannot be met
  • Rent payments when you must work from home
  • Paying bills

Employee-Specific Legal Questions Related to the Coronavirus:

  • Legal Questions about quarantine and your employees
  • Questions about a bare bones staff and who should come in (who is essential?)
  • Do employers have to pay people who are performing customer service from their homes?

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