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Title VII protects employees from adverse treatment in the workplace targeting their religious beliefs. According to the law, an employer may not force or forbid an employee to participate in religious activity as a condition of employment. If you face harassment or discrimination at work as a result of your religious beliefs, contact Zeff Law Firm to discuss your situation with our religion and creed discrimination attorneys in Mt Laurel and New Jersey.

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Adverse Treatment & Harassment Is Prohibited

The law forbids harassment based on religious beliefs. These can include frequent and severe offensive remarks that create a hostile work environment or affect decisions such as firing, layoffs, or advancement. In addition, it is illegal to segregate employees based on religion or religious practices such as clothing and grooming practices.

Providing Reasonable Accommodation for Employees

The law requires that an employer make reasonable accommodations for an employee’s religious beliefs or practices, provided the accommodation does not place undue hardship on business operations. Examples of undue hardship would include a situation that compromises workplace safety, requires other employees to perform a greater share of work, or infringes on the rights of other employees.

Some examples of reasonable accommodation may include:

  • Schedule changes when an employee can’t work on a certain day of the week
  • Allowing voluntary shift swaps
  • Leave for religious observances
  • Dress and grooming practices

Our religion/creed discrimination lawyers in New Jersey and Mt Laurel represent clients who have suffered harassment, job segregation, or an employer’s refusal to make reasonable accommodations. Because each situation is unique, it is advisable to have a consultation to learn about your rights and how the law applies to your situation.

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